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Garrison Fencing Vs. Chain Link Fencing and Palisade Fencing

garrison fencing Vs. Chain Link Fencing and Palisade Fencing

It is relatively straightforward to identify the kind of product of the fencing by its name. As a good example, tubular steel fencing is made of tubular metal, just like the name says, and the Colorbond metal fence is made out of Colorbond metal. The listing goes on. However, if people say garrison fencing, anyone may have to use The search engine to determine the secure fencing style and component behind Garrison fences. As an alternative to Google, our team will assist you. Garrison fencing is a popular fence choice. It is fencing made related to welded tubular aluminum or steel panels. These tubular metal garrison security fencings are bolted between fixed garrison fencing posts.

Garrison Fencing Vs Palisade Fencing

The reason that people convert to Garrison fencing? Because, as we may understand from our former website posts, a tubular steel fence is aesthetically pleasing. This is why Garrison fencing discovers many applications in commercial areas, common pool ponds, community sports clubs, recreating centers and even schools. The security level of the Garrison fencing. As people realize, tubular steel is a highly durable fencing product. For that reason, Garrison fencing is considered medium security fencing. To make it more secure, fencing accessories, such as threatening and sharp-edged, can be incorporated to make climbing up the fence more dangerous for unwanted guests. The difference between Garrison fencing and palisade fencing. Garrison Fences and palisade fencing are popular choices in the fencing market.

On the other hand, when it comes to security, as mentioned previously, Garrison fencing is thought of as a medium-security fence, while palisade fencing is high-security fencing. The reason why? Because palisade fencing is typically made of heavy-duty rolled steel pales that are separately struck onto steel rails, making it a more secure fencing option. Although Garrison fencing finds more application at industrial swimming pools or community clubs, palisade fencing is frequently installed at train and bus depots and even electrical sub-stations. 

Garrison Fencing Vs Chain Link Fencing 

The distinction between Garrison fencing and chain link fencing. One of the pros of chain link fencing is that it is highly flexible. It is also an affordable fence alternative (affordable).Therefore, being a cost-effective safety and security fence option, it is straightforward to repair. It is durable as, in most cases, it is hot-dip galvanized wire or/and PVC coated for additional protection. Remember that if your chain link fence is galvanized for protection purposes from corrosion, if scraped deep enough, your chain wire will be exposed to outside factors. Therefore, it will be exposed to rust. On the other hand, Garrison fencing is a more expensive option. It will provide you with much better security. As chain link fences can be conveniently cut with tools (e.g., bolt cutters), Garrison fencing is much more appropriate in areas requiring higher safety and security.Furthermore, chain link fencing might not be suitable where looks matter. For example, you would not want to install it in commercial swimming pools. As aesthetic looks are a concern, the color selection may also matter. Keep in mind that chain wire has a limited color choice. Perhaps even if it is plastic coated. For example, Diamond Fence provides black and green plastic coated chain wire.

Specification Tubular Steel Fence 





Horizontal rails

40x40mmx1.6thickness and two tube

Vertical rails

25x25mmx1.2thickness and 17 tube

Post tall

2700mm 2900mm 3000mm

Post tube



Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel tube

Surface Treatment:

Galvanized+powder coating, powder coating




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